Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review


Directed By: Oren Kaplan

Starring: Jared Egusa, Jule Johnson, Everett Moss

It is a good entertaining movie. Nothing really special but pretty good action and the movie clipped along and kept me interested. It would be better to have seen the first movie but it functions on its own just fine. ‘some zombies which I thought they did a good job with, though I feel like zombies are getting old. Everything has zombies in it lately. I would say if you have money to burn you can see it in theaters but You can wait to rent it if you want. As far as young adult post apocalypse movies go I like it more than the Hunger Games but that is most likely because I haven’t read the Maze Runner books so they feel like a more original story to me. Over all the movie is worth seeing but don’t rush out and see it. There are other movies in the theater that I would bet are more worthy of your time.


Rating: 3/5


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