Welcome to Film Narc

Hello future listeners and followers!

My name is Corey and I am here to tell you that we here at Film Narc are dedicated to bringing you a great show about movies and entertainment. Sounds fantastic right? Well YOU don’t even KNOW! Right now our experts (Chris and I) are shaping our first episode to give you the right flavor of what we want to accomplish and separate ourselves from the billions of others out there that think they know movies…

American Flag. The more you know.

You know the ones, they sit on their couch watch a movie on Netflix and say “this is so predictable, I am going to go online to all the sites and make fun of others who enjoy this!” That’s totally fine POC (Person on Couch) because this is America! You have that right and WE have the right to enjoy movies!

Here in America we can enjoy bad movies, laugh along with terrible acting and see the heart and soul that is in a low budget film. We can celebrate the good, appreciate the bad and mock and call out those many films that try TOO hard and fail!
We are have all of our episodes on this site now and will be continuing forward from here. Our show will now have a broader reach as we venture forth into ITunes as well as various media so you can enjoy the madness from anywhere in the world! Because that’s how the internet works. We will have a great variety of segments for you to enjoy including polls and feedback to get YOU into the game. Because we are nothing without you… you complete us.

All the feels… all at once.

Thank you for your comments!

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