Film Narc Archives 2015: Why the Force Awakens Can’t Fail

*Update 1/30/16: Was I right or was I right?

   The world is salivating for information on the new Star Wars movie directed by J.J. Abrams. They have been silent about the plot, strategically releasing new footage and really just plain nailing the marketing. After Episode I, II, III fans have reason to be hesitant. George Lucas had a vision and it wasn’t what we, as fans, were looking for… (there is no camera but I moved my hand in front of the screen as I said that).

I had a feeling of joy from seeing what is out there for this film, but I came to the realization that this movie CANNOT disappoint. I know what you are thinking… Corey how can you decide that for everyone? Short answer: because I just DID! *Mic drop*

Here are 3 reasons why I am right… bask in their glory! …bask in it!

1.    New Hope, Empire and Jedi layed the ground work for the legend of Darth Vader. When these were the movies we knew, it was up to us to piece together how Anakin was seduced by the dark side and eliminated the Jedi Order. I don’t know about you… but the prequels were nowhere near what I imagined. There was a lot less crying.

   The Force Awakens does away with the Expanded Universe and follows an original story written by Abrams and Lawrence Kasden. So we don’t have any story expectations that can be dashed by poor execution. We don’t know what the heck is happening in this movie. No midichlorians… great sign.

2.    Practical effects, practical effects, practical effects. There’s substance in Star Wars again people! Rejoice! No hollow feeling less CGI environments and aliens. It looks like only two characters will fully utilize CGI because it’s impossible otherwise. Good call J.J.! *fist bump*

3.    Cast. I cried when I saw Chewie and Han for the first time. I cried during the official trailer. You see these people you grew up with come back, they are still out there and living. It is the perfect… just… seriously… thank you to everyone involved in the movie. It feels like a continuation of the films that made me love movies, want to write and just be a hero. Not only that, but when I feel like I have done something wrong there is always redemption if you choose to seek it.

 Have faith young Padawan’s, I have a bad good feeling about this.


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