Film Narc Archives 2015: Halloween Recommendations

Hello! If you are reading this than you are aching for some good movies to watch to get ready for fright night (also a good movie). Here are my choices for a Good movie, a Bad but awesome movie, and a Ugly disturbing but good movie to check out!

GOOD: Trick ‘r Treat

A modern Halloween classic in the same vein as other interweaving stories like Creepshow.  This movie takes 3 stories that happen on Halloween night and ties them together nicely. I am not going to spoil what this movie entails but it has a slew of actors you will recognize and plenty of tongue in cheek humor to make this a perfect repeat every October. All 3 stories are expertly done in a fashion that is both creepy and entertaining. If it is not on your list, add it now!

BAD: Trick or Treat

It is amazing what one letter will do. A 1986 “classic” in my household. On the cover of the movie you will notice Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons are in this movie. Unlike what the cover suggests they are in it for about 40 secs… as a whole. This movie is about a lone wolf kid who loves his metal music and his idol dies and leaves behind one unreleased record he gets his hands on. Turns out the evil ghost of the singer is inside the record! Be sure to look for his little wave in the beginning and the face he makes when he finds out his chocolate milk has a whole in it. STUPID PREPPY KIDS! Terrible and awesome at the same time. The last quarter of the movie I think the main character kicks in every door he comes across. Good enjoyable stuff. Here is the link for you guys who want to enjoy!

UGLY: Audition

Warning: 99.9% of this movie will bore you to tears. At least it did to me. But the last part of it will blow you away. As far as Asian Horror goes this movie is a top of the line must watch. But make sure you have the stomach for it. The twist, the effects, the story all payoff if you put in your time. Maybe not a revisit type of movie but it will stay with you when the credits roll.

So those are my picks! If you have any personal must-see’s be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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