2015: The Movies That Suprised Me

2015 was a great year for movies! That is amazing news people, because lets admit it… TV has really been kicking movies butt in terms of quality. There has a been a surge of been here done that in film for a few years But this year, I feel, did exceptionally well.

The big thing is that I was surprised. There were a few movies that I will think of fondly that surprised me. As in, exceeded my expectations or gave me a shock (in the best ways of course). You wont find Mad Max or any of the big drama or emotional films that will take away awards… you kind of knew they would be good. I mean Mad Max… come on! But here are my biggest surprises!


Kingsman: The Secret Service

*Slow Clap* Well done, gentlemen. You out Bonded James Bond. You ever watch a movie and start to feel “I don’t think I’m cool enough to be watching this…”. Well, that was my feeling for Kingsman. It had such a sly charm and the action set pieces and tongue in cheek dialogue were pitch perfect and totally kick ass. I pray for a sequel because we need more of this.




Jurassic World

Ok, I know! A lot of people hated this movie, and it’s there that it surprised me! If I saw this right away before getting fan blow back I may be in the disappointed crowd. BUT hearing the negatives and going in with it in mind, helped me enjoy the movie for what it was. I literally laughed out loud when they described the military using dinosaurs as weapons in the field… I laughed just now typing it, but do you know what else I saw? A raptor ride on the back of a T-Rex while fighting a color changing lab creation… It’s a movie about dinosaurs, people. Stop complaining so much about the plot. If this movie took itself TOO seriously, it would’ve been MUCH worse. More practical effects would’ve solved a lot of problems too.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

What fan boy wasn’t a little concerned in the back of their head about this movie? Even though everything we saw looked great, we are all stick aching from Jar Jar Binks stumbling into our lives and kicking us in the pills.This movie borrowed heavily from A New Hope, which personally, only one part kind of bothered me (did you REALLY need to fit in a trench run?). This movie blew me away. I cried… twice. And it surpassed my expectations. I asked Luke Skywalker what he thought of it afterwards and he was SPEECHLESS! *ba dum tiss!*

Anyway, so excited for the next movies and what is to come. Rey is a revelation.

So there are my three movies that really wound up surprising me this year. I am looking forward to 2016 with some properties that I hold near and dear to my heart… don’t let me down Deadpool.

Till’ next time.


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