It is official. Yesterday I rewatched Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and guess what, I still hate it more than I thought. So we here at Film Narc decided to address the issues of these prequel movies… FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL!

In May we will be recording and posting a special episode of Film Narc, solely focused on the Prequels, to give a last word on the films. We spend too much time comparing and complaining about these movies and it is time to exercise those demons. We will have special guests, games and more! Leading up to the special we will rewatch all the movies and take notes and pick apart these films to the bone.

We are entering a new trilogy of Star Wars, let’s finally… FINALLY move on. We will provide more detail when it gets closer, because we are hoping our listeners will take part as well!

See you soon in a galaxy far far away.



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