Alternate Endings: Dirty Dancing

DirtyDancing   I was thinking about Dirty Dancing recently and the big finish where they successfully do the lift at the end. If you follow our Instagram then you probably can see it’s impact on my thinking at the moment.

First of all is there someone who can make a YouTube video of having I had the time of my life playing whenever someone lifts something up in a movie or TV show? Appreciate it.

Second of all, I guess I have a habit of trying to come up with alternate endings of movies. On this site I will try to post the more random ones I came up with just to see if anyone agrees with me… Moving on…

Set Up for the Ending: just a couple days before the final dance when Johnny (Swayze) thinks they wont be dancing, he gets in a bad car wreck. Baby (Grey) doesn’t know this happened and the day they were supposed to dance arrives. Enter Johnny…

Ending: Johnny had to have emergency surgery and was given robot arms! He has not had a lot of time to test his strength and get used to them, since he escaped the hospital after the crash to dance his heart out. He takes Baby out of the corner, they should’ve known no one is supposed to put her there, and they do their routine. Then at the end she runs to his arms for the famous lift. In the moment the adrenaline is too much and Johnny throws her in the air with all of his robot arm might, she goes crashing through the ceiling and the shards of board tear he body to pieces as Baby starts raining down on the audience. Chaos ensues and Johnny is on the run. He gets caught and goes to prison, where he finds out after two weeks, the charges are dropped and he free to go. When he leaves the prison, confused, he finds Baby in the parking lot. Her arms, legs and head are all robotic and she is programed to act like her when she was alive. The only human part remaining is her body. They get married and live happily ever after.


And there you have it… you’re welcome Hollywood. *Mic Drop*





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