Captain America: Civil War Review


Directed By: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Starring: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson

Parking Lot Review

Chris Review

This movie totally lived up to the hype. Incredibly impressive balance of screen time between a large cast of characters all expertly performed. This was a very cool action movie with the unique humor we have come to love and expect from the Avengers ensemble. Spiderman and Vision and Ant-Man were all standouts to me that surprised me with how much I enjoyed their respective parts. So much to get excited about with this movie. Removed a point for the Avenger hatred feeling a little farfetched to me but gave most of it back because the movie is so entertaining and impressive in other ways. If you haven’t seen it yet….. What are you waiting for! Bring the whole family. Its definitely good to go for ages 10 and up but you may want to use your own judgement for kids any younger than that.

Rating: 4.7/5


Corey’s Lengthy Review:

Well, I am glad I had some time to sleep this one off because I was so amped up after watching it. You will be able to tell when we post our Parking Lot Fan Review.

Captain America: Civil War is the new Marvel movie that acts more like an event than an ol’ Cap story, but Steve Rogers is still the main line driving you from location to location. In lesser hands this movie could of been mess, bringing in so many heroes (including some new ones) into the fold works well for a team up, but its risky to try to have an emotional narrative bringing it to ground level and giving everyone space to develop. This movie nailed it.

“But wait Corey! This one review said…” Sorry to cut you off random person who in my head sounds like Mickey Mouse, but really this is a movie about a group of superheroes with a disagreement that is well written enough to not make it convoluted and easy to follow and get the twists intact until the end for them to be revealed. And in between you have an INCREDIBLE airport sequence and the movie ends with a more personal touch.

The Iron Man, Bucky, Captain fight at the end a lot of people saw as a let down, but I feel it is the perfect emotional crutch to end the movie and set up whats to come. Marvels plan of establishing individuals prior to these films has been a very smart move and we get plenty of backstory for newcomers Black Panther and Spider-Man to catch us up and get them in on the fun. And I mean FUN, its intense and serious and dramatic at moments then cracks you up in the next. Love it.

As a big Spider-Man fan, I was really looking forward to what they were going to do with him. And I must say, two sentences out of Peter Parkers mouth and I was sold it was the best Spider-Man ever. This kid nails it folks! I wanted to hug him after the movie I loved him so much. I have waited a long time to get a good Peter/Spider combo and Tom Holland… hats off to you my young lad. (Sorry that got weird)

I will avoid spoilers, its hard but I will. So just go see the damn movie and watch it on its own merit and not on the past movies. Bravo Marvel.

Rating: 5/5


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