Finding Dory Review


Directed By: Andrew Stanton, Angus Maclane

Starring: Ellen Degenres, Albert Brooks, Ed O’Neill

Parking Lot Review

Ellen was definitely the star of this movie. Lots of little jokes and heart warming story to bring tears to your eyes. This Pixar movie was not as sad as some have a tendency to start out to be and kept a theme of optimism and a general feeling of joy throughout. What this film did for sure, which is becoming increasingly difficult, is to live up to the expectations of a Pixar movie. Fun for the whole family. Entertainment for every age group. Action, suspense, humor and love with a great message of perseverance and believing in yourself. Maybe a little slow in the late middle for a discerning movie goer but definitely a must see movie. The movie was worth seeing just for the Pixar short before hand but the credits and post credit scene were great too. Worth seeing in 3D as well.


Rating: 4.5/5



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