Case 1

Name: Corey Painter


Age: 29
Last Known Location: Olympia, WA
Offenses: Loves Comedies and Sci-fi. Connects with tragic characters in films. Believes everyone should speak their opinion even though its probably wrong.
Bio: Corey has always had a deep appreciation of movies. He is a part time part time writer and is working on a screen play and a web series idea. Corey has a wife and 2 daughters who support his crazy ideas for a podcast, even though they are never good. Corey dabbles in image editing and loves the details it takes to create a film from the bottom up and looks at the impact of film and story through the years.



Case 2


Name: Chris Falk

Age: 29
Last Known Location: Tumwater, WA
Offenses: Chris Loves Action, Comedy and Feel good movies. He also has a deep appreciation for old musicals. He values integrity and honesty and thinks people should be themselves at all times.
Bio: Chris likes to go to movies in the cinema with friends and keeping tabs on what is going on with the Hollywood scene. He generally keeps busy with his church and Bible studies that he leads.In High School Chris was also diagnosed with cancer. He had a tumor removed from behind his jaw, which the doctors had to remove pieces to get rid of it which left a scar on his right side and reduced movement of his right eye and right side of his mouth. He is cancer free and wears his battle scars proudly, he kept incredibly high spirits throughout. I mean, he watched Twilight and survived… cancer was a walk a park in comparison.

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