Episode 11 Part 2: Trailer Narc Boys

In Part 2 we recommend the hottest trailers out right now and Matt spotlights God Bless America, which looks like an incredible movie.

Episode 11 Part 1: Same Movie, But Ducks

The Film Narc crew is back at it again, talking about Samurai Jack, Spiderman: Homecoming and Star Wars VIII. We also have a new twist on Literal Movie Names and the comedy is Mighty.

Episode 10 Part 2: Crispity Chocolaty Murders

Corey, Matt and Chris shine the spotlight on Willy Wonka! We also discuss best shows to watch streaming right now and a Scene Selection on best scenes in musicals!

Buy or Rent Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory HERE!

Episode 10 Part 1: Beep Boop

Corey, Chris and Matt discuss the Disney/Netflix deal taking place in September. They also discuss their favorite sound effect and best new trailers!

NARCronomicon Part 3: Revenge of the Sith

Part 3 of our NARCronomicon induction of the terrible prequels in the Star Wars Anthology with special guests Matt and Ryan. Enjoy!

NARCronomicon Part 2: Attack of the Clones

Part 2 of our NARCronomicon induction of the terrible prequels in the Star Wars Anthology with special guests Matt and Ryan. Enjoy!

NARCronomicon Part 1: The Phantom Menace

Part 1 of our NARCronomicon induction of the terrible prequels in the Star Wars Anthology with special guests Matt and Ryan. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Part 2 – Please Tease Me

We introduce Leave it to Teasers and discuss movies that are coming out soon, and we revamp IGN.coms Top 25 Disney Songs. *Bonus* Corey goes on a rant… believe it or not.

Episode 9: Part 1 – Super Mega Question Fantastico

Tim joins us to discuss the new Punisher show announced for Netflix as well as who would win in 1 on 1 battles? Let the fists fly!

Episode 8: Part 2 – You Meddling Podcasters

In our second half we turn back to the clock to this month in movie history. We also discuss who your cartoon mystery solving sidekick would be and who we would cast in the story of our lives!

*Music for Reel Rewind is by Black Keys Bob Stevenson

Episode 8: Part 1 – B&B Movie Factory

4/17/16 – In this weeks small but mighty episode Chris discusses his thoughts on DeadPool’s record and a BvS review in the Daily Snitch. We also discuss our ideas for a TV show, what super powers we would need to want to fight crime and our B&B (Beer and Bros) movie selection!

Episode 7: Part 2 – Highest of the Brows

4/3/16 – We invite Reginald Wobbleneck in to explain some of the poor reviews about Daredevil Season 2, which we thought was amazing. Scene Selections also covers our Top 5 bad guys we LOVE to HATE!

Episode 7: Part 1 – Time Machine Dreams

4/3/16 – We are starting off with the Daily Snitch and discussing all that Batman V Superman backlash and two other top Entertainment stories! We talk about what movies would transition well to TV and we finish up the half with how we would use a Time Machine

Episode 6: Part 2 – Sing The Pain

3/19/16 – In the second half of our Episode, we discuss where Sci-Fi is best – on TV or in a Movie?

Corey and Chris also follow through with their challenge to create an animated Disney movie idea complete with a snippet from the movies hit song! Enjoy.

Episode 6: Part 1 – Podcast E?perts

3/19/16 – We jump into Episode 6 discussing the new Captain America: Civil War trailer and the Ghostbusters International Trailer. Controversy abound! We also play a game with Literal Movie Names so we come up with plots for movies using a literal view of there name.

We also promote PODio Books and shed light on Corey’s poor decision making.

Episode 5: Part 2 – High Quality Money Holder 

3/13/16 – In this second half we bring you another episode of High Brow where we discuss the Oscars and Corey pitches his SyFy movie and is VERY specific on how he will receive payment.


  • High Brow – Oscars
  • Letter to SyFy – Gopher Quake movie pitch
  • How to accept money from a briefcase

Episode 5: Part 1 – Take It To The MAX (Rebo)

3/13/16 – Chris and Corey make Movie Resolutions for the New Year. They discuss what Marvel/DC can do to surprise us, we also interview Taylor Jacobs from 710 ESPN Am Seattle!


  • Movie Resolutions
  • What Marvel/DC Can Do To Surprise Us
  • Interview with Taylor Jacobs from 710 ESPN AM Seattle!


Episode 4 – A Visit From Ryan

12/15/15 – Corey and Chris discuss the lack of Thanksgiving movies, we talk Tale of Two Trailers and discuss the new TMNT and Tarzan movies. We let loose again with a new Irrele-Vent where Corey introduces the world to “True” Beagles.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Movie Mash Up Challenge
  • Over/Under Childhood TV Shows
  • Top 5 Christmas Movies

We also have our first Special Guest: RYAN.


Episode 3 – Opinions All Around

11/12/15 – Corey and Chris talk about Must See/ Must Flee TV and take shots at some of our least favorite TV shows. *May contain unpopular opinions*. We also have our first “Irrele-Vent” where we take a moment to complain about something non-movie related and go over a list of actors and decided if they are Over of Underrated.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Best Movie Soundtracks
  • Strong Women in Film/TV
  • Ranking Disney Princesses


Episode 2 – Knock Knock!

10/25/15 – Corey and Chris talk about the new Force Awakens Trailer and what remakes make sense. They also debut a new segment called High Brow, where they discuss award winning movies in a very “privileged” fashion.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Method Acting
  • Zombies VS Vampires
  • Last Breath Movie
  • Top 5 Bloodiest Movies

Also: We get interrupted and keep recording during a really awkward exchange with the Church of Latter Day Saints!


Episode 1 – In The Beginning

10/10/15 – In our maiden voyage we discuss if trailers are ruining our favorite movies, how to save the movie theater and give our Halloween recommendations.

Additional Topics Include:

  • Superhero Movie Overload?
  • Top 5 Movie Plot Twists
  • Trilogy Movie Challenge!